I'm Dedi Prakasa,

an aspiring Software Developer

About Me

I am a software developer from Indonesia.

I can do web and mobile development. I believe in the importance of fundamentals of computer science (algorithms, data structures, design patterns) to succeed as a developer and thus I am eager to hone my skills in this specific area.

I don’t devote myself to any framework and prefer to be called a developer that can build stuffs with “X” technology, rather than an “X developer”.

Aside from software development, I love football and am a fan of Manchester United. But, don’t worry if you are a Kopite, we can still be friends.

I also love going around the city with my old functional motorcycle.

Pet Projects

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This app might look simple outside, but it actually implemented advanced topics like clean architecture with VIPER, reactive programming with Combine, and Continous Integration (CI) with Travis CI.

SwiftUICore DataCombineClean ArchitectureContinous Integration
Covid-19 Global Data

This app was built in the beginning of Covid-19 spread in Indonesia. By consuming Covid-19 API, we are able to know the number of cases globally.

Covid-19 APIUI Design

Inspired by Toastmaster's table topics session, this app will help us practicing speaking spontaneaously as a response to a question. The challenging part of building this app was to create nice user experience by utilizing UIKit animation.

UIKit Animation
Inpo Mupis

Watching movies might be the go-to entertainment during this pandemic. This app will help you find movies' information so you can make the most of your time watching high-quality movies.


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